One of the benefits of living in a small community is its ability to respond to its citizens’ needs quickly and with flexibility.

The City of Westmount has announced two excellent initiatives which may assist Seniors.  The City website states: “In Westmount, 26% of the population is 65 years of age and over, which represents over 5,260 residents.  Westmount Public Security is here to get to know Seniors in the community and offer information to residents about the resources and services available to them.  The Westmount Public Security team is interested in your needs”.

The Vulnerable Persons Registry, or VPR, is being set up and will be overseen by Westmount Public Security.  The Registry will provide quick access to information on vulnerable persons who are living alone.  The Registry will contain information about the client, their medications, their issues and who to call in case of an emergency.

The City of Westmount describes a vulnerable person “(as someone who) due to medical, cognitive, mental health or physical condition may exhibit patterns of behaviour that may pose a danger to that person.  Examples of vulnerable persons may include persons with autism, dementia, acquired brain injury, (or) cerebral palsy.”  Such persons may wander, fall, be unable to communicate, be aggressive or have irrational fears, etc.

Good Morning Westmount!  is another fine service offered by the City.  It is a personalized telephone service for seniors who are living alone in Westmount.  Hear a friendly voice on the phone every morning!

If a home care and living assistance client wishes, a key will be kept in a key box at the client’s home. This would enable WPS to enter the home should there be an emergency. The key box will be delivered upon registration.

To register, go online to, to the “Vulnerable Persons Registry”.  You can also register in person at the Public Safety Department, 21 Stanton Street, 514 – 989-5222.

On the City’s website under the heading “Growing old together” there are links to other excellent resources.  Examples include Contactivity, the FACOQ Network (Seniors’ Network), Paratransit (STM), Fire Safety, Medic Alert, CLSC Metro and the Elder Abuse Hotline.