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At The Worn Doorstep, our caregivers are the heart and soul of our organization.

We take our home care & living assistance responsibilities very seriously.

The ideal candidate will possess the PAB (Préposé(e) aux Bénéficiares) certification (Province of Québec) or Nurse’s Aide Certification (other provinces).

A good caregiver will also demonstrate

  • a thorough knowledge of the circumstances of the client
  • an attentiveness and ability to anticipate, in the event there are any medical issues
  • patience and compassion when interacting with the client
  • the ability to step back and let the client be as independent as possible
  • dependability and punctuality – your client will count on you to be there when you say you are going to be there, and
  • as you may be privy to some private family matters in the home:  honesty, respect and discretion at all times

If you would like to learn more about joining us, please contact Lesley at info@worndoorstep.com.

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Please contact Lesley at:
info@worndoorstep.com or (514) 893-6073.
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