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Personal In Home Care


We know that many people are not comfortable having a stranger in the home. Our clients our treated with kindness, friendship, dignity and respect for their privacy and we follow their lead as to where they would like help.

Client safety

We got through the COVID-19 Pandemic with zero cases of illness amongst our clients and staff. The reason for this is because we took extra special care to educate ourselves about the virus and lockdown our clients’ homes. Public health guidelines were rigourously applied. The staff at The Worn Doorstep is extremely grateful and proud that our efforts to protect our clients were successful. Our team members took extreme care in their personal lives so that they would not present a risk to their clients – such is their commitment.

Personal Hygiene

We assist with bathing, showering and washing hair, always with respect for the client’s privacy, a gentle approach and safety in mind.


We prepare menus, shop for food and serve healthy meals to our clients.
We have an understanding and awareness of any special needs the client may have, such as diabetes or other special diets, allergies, swallowing issues, etc.
We cook any favourite dishes the client may enjoy.


Working with the pharmacy, we follow the doctor’s instructions, ensuring that the correct medications are taken daily. We bring any issues to the immediate attention of the client’s doctor.

Medical Appointments

We oversee and book medical and dental appointments for our clients, and accompany them to the appointments. With the client’s permission, we can sit in on the appointment and take notes which we can then email to the family.

Other Medical Services

Should other services be required for the client, such as Physiotherapy, or Foot Care, we can arrange that as well.


Includes wardrobe assistance, choosing comfortable clothing options, purchase thereof when necessary, washing, ironing and mending to keep the client neat and tidy.

Light Housekeeping

Includes daily tidying up especially after meals, sweeping, vacuuming, garbage and recycling and sanitizing of the complete bathroom.


We use taxis when accompanying our clients to appointments or shopping.

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