With summer now upon us some folks are starting to think about travelling again.  In Quebec the mask mandate has been lifted but it is still recommended to wear your mask in potentially crowded places such as grocery stores and on the Metro.  Will people want to travel by airplane or on the train, sitting close to one another, when the pandemic has still not entirely extinguished itself?

One of our treasured, fully-vaccinated caregivers recently attended a family funeral in New York.  She had avoided Covid for the entire duration of the pandemic, by being careful and keeping safe.  When her family member died she felt that she could go to NYC safely.  She would wear her mask and take all precautions.  However in the States one does not have to wear a mask.  On the flight home to Montreal from NYC she sat next to a coughing woman with no mask.  Our friend fell ill with Covid immediately upon arriving back in Montreal and she was upset because she had to stay home for two weeks.

The moral of the story is that one has to take care in every circumstance and evaluate the risks to your own circumstances.  Now that the nice weather is here, with our home care clients we will be exploring a bit on foot but staying close to home and away from crowds.  No Jazz Festival for us.

Violin on some song charts

Pop-up concerts will be held around Westmount until the end of June.  These will take place depending upon the availability of the musicians.  The popular summer concert series will be held in Westmount Park over five consecutive Sunday afternoons in July and August.  The concerts will be on the fixed stage and will be approximately 1 1/2 hours in length.  Dates are to be announced and will be published on the City of Westmount website, https://westmount.org.

The City of Westmount has also re-created its pandemic-inspired picnic areas on Greene Avenue.  5 Saisons-goers can bring their food outside and eat with their friends.  Most restaurants have set up their terrasses, although it has to be kept in mind that with the labour shortage wait times for service might be long.  But eating outside on a warm day is safe and nice.

Westmount Park is also a lovely spot to take a picnic at this time of the year, and there are picnic tables galore.  If you prefer, you can pick up some yummy sandwiches at Le Mouton Noir, the café next to the Rec Centre.  It is open from 9 am – 8 pm, Monday – Friday, and 9 am – 7 pm, Saturday and Sunday.

We might fancy a day car trip up to Montebello, to pick up lunch somewhere along the way and go to Omega Park.  You can sit in your car and drive through and see the animals.  Then you are safe in your car but you can have a bit of a change of scene and a bit of a fun too.  Only an hour and a half from Montreal.

Day Car Trip for Seniors