Starting last Thursday evening, and ending Saturday night, Montreal received over 35 cms of snow. Sunday was the sort of day where you stood at the door and said, “Where do we go from here?” In any case, the snow ploughs and the dump trucks have been out so the clean-up has started. Yesterday we got another 15 cms of the white stuff!

It is next to impossible to go outside when there is no place to walk except the middle of the road! Here are a few ideas to pass the time while inside on a snowy day.

Walking in the Snow

Reading the book you have always wanted to read or finish is a great idea. I recently went through the whole bookshelf, straightened things out and put some books aside for the Atwater Library book sale. You can take boxes over and deliver them to the Tupper Street door. If you wish to donate books to the Westmount Library on Sherbrooke St. W., they have volunteers who will come and fetch the boxes. The Tyndale-St. George’s Community Centre in Little Burgundy is always on the lookout for books and other educational/recreational tools for its after-school programme.

Puzzles and board games are also great to have on hand for those long snow days.  Many of our home care and living assistance clients play bridge.  This keeps them busy and in contact with friends.  I also love the board games of my childhood such as Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Trivial Pursuit, Sorry!, and Clue.

Walking in the Snow

Another great activity for a snow day might be to do some cooking.

I recently made meatloaves, macaroni and cheese and bran muffins for a snowbird client who is soon to return to Montreal – I had the ingredients and the time and I was snowed in, so why not? Everything is now in the freezer and ready for her return.

All the while listening to my CDs of La Bohème from start to finish.

Exercise shows on TV where you can participate in your living room are also a great way to spend a 1/2 hour and keep moving when it is impossible to go outside.  An excellent show is Cardio 55+ on MATV Montreal (channel 609) at 7 am and 4 pm daily.

If you are experiencing cabin fever, your neighbours are as well. Reach out to make sure they are well – even a quick phone call will be appreciated. Perhaps their dog needs a walk or they need some basic groceries.

Above all, hang in there – Spring is just around the corner!