Progression 4-Level

Montreal is still in the Red Zone and gyms, restaurants and other gathering places remain closed.  We have to readjust our lives again.   We will not be able to live normally until there is a vaccine, so here are some tips from your Montreal Home Care provider to help prepare for a pandemic life in the cold winter time.

Do not get stressed over things you cannot control.  We cannot control the pandemic, we cannot control the Public Health Rules and Regulations and we cannot control when the vaccine will become available.    However, we can control and organize our daily lives.

Have a routine.  Try to keep to the same routine you had pre-Pandemic.  If you walked the dog and then went to work; then came home and walked the dog again before dinner, follow that routine.  As best as you can, follow the routine you had before, adjusting any changes along the way, such as having to work from home instead of going to the office.  Instead of meeting up with the girls, call them.  Having a routine makes life more predictable.

Preparing for a Pandemic Winter

Exercise is vital to keeping a clear mind and a happy outlook.  Go out for a walk every day.  Try to find a walking buddy if you can.  Enjoy nature and do a bit of bird watching while you are outside.  While indoors there are exercise and yoga class offerings online.  The City of Westmount continues to offer its classes via ZOOM.  The City of Montreal Public Health Department offers online exercise videos for seniors.

Keep in touch with your family and friends.  It is hard not to be able to gather with family and friends, especially with the holidays coming. Make it a point to call or email your friends just to chat or say hi.  Perhaps start a small support group.  Many seniors are feeling alone – make it a point to reach out and call them.  Even though their physical location is closed, The Cummings Centre has organized a virtual community with more than 100 classes and programmes being offered by ZOOM.  More than 1,000 seniors have participated this fall.

Make judicious use of social media.  It is possible to get overloaded with information via the TV, Radio and Social Media.  Use critical thinking when taking in all the information thrown at you from these various sources.  Take into account the different points of view and then make up your own mind.  Do not get uptight because of something you heard on CBC or read on Facebook.  Watch out for the many scammers who want to take advantage of seniors at this confusing time.  It is a good idea to turn these things off and take some quiet time – listen to some Mozart and relax!