Westmount is in the Red Zone again, as we are in the second wave of the pandemic.  Our hospitals and ICUs are again at risk of getting overcrowded.  Montrealers have been asked to stay at home until October 28.


It seems clear that this is going to be our way of life for months to come as there is no vaccine.

What does this mean for our home care & living assistance clients and citizens?

First of all, to speak about our home care services clients.  We are following Public Health advisories at both the Federal and Provincial levels – basically continuing the strict, disciplined way of life we began in March.  All of our clients are being kept safe at home with no visitors allowed.  The caregivers follow scrupulous hygiene including the frequent washing of hands, wearing of masks and gloves. In the homes of the clients surfaces such as the handles on walkers, telephones, toilet seats, remotes on recliners, counter tops and other high touch surfaces are sanitized several times per day.

Unfortunately it can be a bit stressful to stay home all the time.  It is very important therefore that our clients stay in touch with family members via the telephone or SKYPE.  We also have planned activities for our clients …these include reading out loud, making puzzles together and watching good shows online.

Covid-19 | How to practice physical distancing

In our community, the City of Westmount has worked very hard to provide interesting activities for those who are bound to stay home, especially with winter coming.

All Westmounters must stay indoors unless it is absolutely necessary to go out.  When going out a mask must be worn in all public places.  Restaurants, bars, gyms and such like gathering places are closed again.  It is advised that seniors and others at risk refrain from shopping for groceries – ask if others can help and deliver to your door.

Some other pandemic notes:

Flu shots will not be held at Victoria Hall this year.  The vaccine is available only by appointment at the CLSC.  Contact clicsante.ca or ciusswestcentral.ca for more information.

The Westmount Library is closed to the public but the contactless pickup service is available.  Once your books have been ordered and reserved, you will have 2 (two) days to pick them up.  The Westmount Library is also offering lectures and films on line.  Visit westlib.org for more information.

The City will be offering concerts through the library youtube channel this Fall.  For info call 514 – 989-5226.  The concerts, which are held on Saturday nights at 7 p.m., are

Saturday, Oct. 24/20 – Solstice

Saturday, Nov. 7/20 – Trio Ponté

Saturday, Nov. 21 – Scott Feltham

Saturday, Dec. 5 – Robert Burman Trio

Sports and Recreation has been offering its excellent exercise and yoga classes through ZOOM; however these have been suspended until after October. 28.

The Westmount Cinema Club allows residents to watch movies in the comfort of their homes.  Movies will be streamed through Kanopy, the  Library’s streaming service.   To receive info and a monthly Newsletter announcing all the movies, call Emily Gamble at 514 – 989-5221.