Best wishes for a very Happy New Year! It suddenly dawned on me in December that 2017 was our 10th year of providing home care services to clients in Montreal. The time has just flown by and it has been an amazing experience.

Home care Outing When we think of home care we think of helping people inside their own homes. However at The Worn Doorstep we also have a great interest in providing activities to get the clients out and about. We want our clients to be as engaged and social as possible. A big part of what we do involves planning events outside the home which are to the liking and wishes of our clients.

The minute spring arrives, and we can get our clients out and walking about safely, we start going on outings. This year’s highlights included visits to the Atwater and Jean Talon markets, car rides and lunches in Hudson and at the

MMFA, and visits to the McGill and Westmount Library Book Sales.

The movie “Victoria and Abdul” was very considerately shown at The Forum, where there is ample handicapped parking available and an elevator to the theatre level. “Dunkirk” and the Winston Churchill move, “The Darkest Hour” also offered a few hours out of the house and a place to remember for a few hours.

Gardening kept us quite occupied this year. We collaborate with a team of cheerful gardeners who come and spring clean and plant the gardens of our clients.

Saturday afternoons at The Met broadcasts, and hearing the St. Thomas Boys’ Choir of Leipzig sing at Notre Dame Basilica were musical highlights.

Senior Home Care Activities such as these are easy to arrange for our clients with enough lead time. So “home care” does not have to be dull.

2017 was also a very satisfying year because of the wonderful people who work on our team. A heartfelt thank you to all our team members for their devoted care of our clients. They can

be counted on to come to work in rain, snow, sleet and fog. Below is a recent photo of Sonia (left) and Shanthi (right) warming up in a cafe on Sherbrooke Street before heading to their next client.

Thank you for your support and Happy New Year everyone!