The COVID-19 lockdown has been part of our lives for the last seven (7) weeks.  Thanks to the dedication of our caregivers, our clients are all well and safe in their homes.

And our caregivers are all well.

In the province of Quebec there has been much attention given to the many long-term care residences where COVID outbreaks have occurred.  Tragically there have been many deaths as the virus quickly moves through these residences.

Since 2007 we have worked in and with several of the Westmount-based residences, in particular Chateau Westmount, Place Kensington and St. Margaret’s.    These are all fine CHSLDs, and the staff loves and cares for their patients.  The COVID-19 virus is virulent and fast moving and caught many people off-guard.  There are currently 23 cases at St. Margaret’s and 10 at Place Kensington (Aprl 27).  There are no cases at Chateau Westmount.

Our hearts and support go out to all our friends at these residences, who are wonderful people doing their very best.

On March 14 at The Worn Doorstep we immediately instituted a master plan for each home, including locking down the home, the provision of masks and gloves for the clients and caregivers, plus cleaning supplies and a plan for rigorous cleaning and disinfecting of high touch areas.

If ever I do the grocery or pharmacy runs I am not allowed in the home.

Special care is being given to the emotional well-being of our clients, and to keeping them free of anxiety.

We are so grateful that all our clients are well and have not been touched by the virus.

The province of Quebec is now beginning to open things up a bit.  Physical distancing and hand washing hygiene will still be paramount.   Kindergarten will resume on May 4; primary school on May 11.  Shops with a door that opens onto the street will be allowed to open May 11.  Some of the police barricades set up through out the province on highways leading, for example, up north or down east, will be removed as of May 4.

Director of Public Health, Dr. Horacio Arruda

At The Worn Doorstep we will continue to follow the instructions of our Director of Public Health, Dr. Horacio Arruda. When and only when he give us the word to loosen things up, we will do that.

Post pandemic the Government will be reassessing its approach to senior care on many levels.   We hope that home care will be part of these discussions.  As we have seen, safe delivery of home care services can be a life-saver in an emergency such as COVID-19.