Covid-19 Emergency

The worldwide coronavirus emergency is uppermost in the minds and the lives of all health care workers, hospitals, doctors, nurses, PABs, CHSLDs, Social Workers, and everyone associated with the delivery of health care services.  In our own province of Quebec, protocols and procedures have been established by the government to ensure the safety of patients and those who are helping them.

It appears that this crisis will last for weeks and even months.  Therefore we must not let our guard down in the safe and secure delivery of home care.  Our clients and their families want to know that their loved ones are safe and are being well looked after by The Worn Doorstep’s trained caregivers.

Following directives from our Quebec Department of Public Health, we at The Worn Doorstep Home Care are strictly following these protocols:

Hand sanitizing gel at the entrance to every home

Scrupulous hand washing and personal hygiene

Continuous cleaning of all touch surfaces

Client receives no visitors.  This will change when the government gives the go-ahead. 

The person who does the grocery shopping or pharmacy runs does not enter the home.

Excellent nutrition including pushing liquids

Physical distancing for the client except in cases where the client needs to be lifted or administered personal hygiene at which time the caregivers are masked and gloved

Exercise where possible including walking outdoors when the weather gets warmer (always maintaining a physical distance from any friends they may meet while outside)

Communication with family members or friends via telephone or computer

Caregiver self-monitoring and if they are not feeling well they are immediately replaced; support for our caregivers in case they need time off or to take a break

Seniors are more at risk for developing infections due to the normal ageing process.  Therefore we are vigilant in watching for fast onset loss of autonomy, loss of appetite, confusion, sleepiness, falling, incontinence, agitation,  sleep disturbances and irritability.

Seniors are at risk for dehydration; we remind them to drink frequently and to take more liquids with their meals and medictions.  Seniors are discouraged from drinking alcohol or beverages with caffeine.

Seniors are also at risk for malnutrition.  We prepare meals high in protein.

Daily Briefing in Quebec about Covid-19 Pandemic

In the province of Quebec, a daily briefing is held every day at 1:00 pm, by Premier Francois Legault, Dr. Horacio Arruda, Director of Public Health and Mrs. Danielle McCann, Minster of Health.  We watch this every day to get updates on the province-wide numbers and to see if there are any new rules for us to follow.

Many families have entrusted us with the care of their loved ones. At this difficult time we are single-mindedly dedicated to the job at hand.  Heartfelt thanks to The Worn Doorstep’s  marvellous caregivers who are hard at work every day taking care of our clients.