Home care clients in Westmount and NDG started receiving their vaccines in their homes on Sunday, March 14.  The programme is adminstered through the CIUSS de l’ouest.  The various CLSCs are sending nurses around with the Astra Zeneca vaccine and to see them at the door is a great relief to all of us who are caring for people confined to home.  We have been waiting for our clients to become a priority group and now they are.


Following the actual jab there is a bit of discomfort and fatigue.  Clients should be monitored carefully for 24 – 48 hours hours following the shot.  The area on the arm where the shot was delivered will be red and sore.  Application of a cold facecloth from time to time could relieve the discomfort.  Tylenol is also recommended if the client is not feeling well.  The nurse will have left instructions so read your instructions carefully.

A second dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine will be delivered to home care and living assistance services clients between 4 – 12 weeks post the first shot.  The CLSC will call the day before they are coming over.

Getting the shot does not mean that life returns to normal in terms of visitors, etc.  However it does provide a huge emotional relief to know that the days of being shut in are nearly over.  We must be prudent and maintain all our public health protocols until further notice.  We are still in a red zone, we still have a curfew (although it is now 9:30 pm) and we still must not gather.

Vaccines for other younger age groups are being rolled out successfully at various vaccine centres in Montreal.  Pharmacies have also been added as mini-vaccine centres.  The application for an appointment – online (Quebec.ca/COVIDvaccine) or via telephone (1-877-644-4545) – is going smoothly and without long waits.   Friends and neighbours report great success in getting appointments quickly and efficiently.  Once at the vaccine centre there are people in parking lots to assist with parking, there are lots of wheelchairs and chairs available at the door, and the process of moving through the various “stations” is quick. Everything is very well organized and the people are very nice.

Covid-19 vaccines for home care clients

The Government of Quebec has a goal of vaccinating all citizens with their first dose by June 24.

Many thanks to the CIUSS, the CLSCs and all the helpers who are working hard to deliver the vaccines.


Photo of the Vaccine Centre copyright The Montreal Gazette.