One of our home care clients recently died and we were asked by the family to help with the dispersal of items in the client’s home. This is not the first time we have helped with such a clean up but things change over the years so I thought that I would share some of the current resources available in Montreal.


There was a lifetime’s worth of knick-knacks, books, furniture and so on. It would be a huge job to tidy up this home.


First of all family members had requested furniture and some personal items. So those were two areas we did not have to worry about. They already had homes to go to.


However, the kitchen, for example, was chock full of plates, cups, tea cups and saucers, cutlery, pots and pans, and other kitchen items. It took many days to clean up and box and find homes for these items. The Salvation Army, or Renaisscace, here in Montreal, will always take kitchen items in good condition to resell in their thrift shops. We always made sure that the items were clean and in good condition – otherwise they were thrown out.


The bathrooms were easy to tidy up – all the towels were washed and donated to the SPCA.


Furniture that was not wanted by the family was donated to the Syrian Refugee Project. There are many refugees coming to Montreal with nothing in terms of furniture or cookware. It is a blessing for them to be able to use furniture donated by Montrealers. This is an excellent initiative co-ordinated in Westmount by Viviane Agia. The St. Vincent de Paul Society and the Sally Ann will also accept donations of furniture.


As far as books are concerned, we donated this client’s books to the Friends of the Westmount Library. There were 49 boxes of books and I know that they were pleased to receive them. Knick knacks and other collectables in good condition were washed and repacked and distributed to two local churches for sale at their Christmas Sales. Tools, such as hammers, screw drivers, drills and gardening tools were donated to the Re-Store shop which works with Habitat for Humanity.


Below are the contacts we used during this job – hope this will help!


ReStore – Habitat for Humanity

4399 Notre Dame St. W., Montreal H4C 1R9

514 – 907-8991

Fripe-Prix Resnaissance

7205 St-Jacques Ouest, Montreal H4B 1V3

514 – 484-0145

The Salvation Army Thrift Shop (NDG)

5758 Shertbrooke St. W., Montreal H4A 1X1

514 – 488-8714

The St. Vincent de Paul Society of Montreal will pick up furniture and other large items

514 – 526-5937 EXT 603

To reach the Syrian Refugee Project please call Lesley at 514 – 893-6073 and I will put you in touch.